What Can It Do?

What Can It Do?

My Safe Place manages your financial and personal data. It is an easy to use, comprehensive and totally safe and secure. It is a multi-currency system meaning your bank accounts or assets can be designated in separate currencies. Key dates are automatically stored in your computer calendar meaning you will get reminders on your phone, tablet or computer ahead of time for any renewals which are due or events which need to be addressed. Here are some of the main features of the system:

Personal Details

My Safe Place allows you to record every aspect of your personal life – from date of birth, passport and driving licence information to your tax reference details and all your web site data.

Banking and Cards

The software supports all of your UK and international bank account details and a list of all the UK sort codes is included. In addition banking card details (credit/debit) can be recorded, including PIN and CVCs.

Loyalty and Travel card information can also be recorded and reported.


Full details of mortgages and other loans can be recorded, meaning you can track their movement over time and not miss important renewal dates. For those managing your estate, it ensures they have all the key information to hand.


My Safe Place allows assets of any type to be recorded. This can range from details of your personal home to rented properties, cars, boats, musical instruments, jewellery and much more.

The software allows you to store the price you paid on purchase and the current estimated value – essential in assessing your current overall worth.

Pensions & Insurance

My Safe Place holds full details of your pensions and any type of insurance policies.


The software has facilities to record the monthly and annual subscriptions you have – things which can easily be overlooked. It alerts you to any upcoming renewals, such as bank loans, home insurance, credit cards and driving licences.

The software has simple copy and restore facilities so that you can create the AT HOME and TRAVEL keys whenever you need them.

My Safe Place also has an area in which your personal website details can be saved, including the site name, usernames, passwords and other security information – such as the additional data required by many online financial sites.

Making Your Life Easier

My Safe Place allows all of your financial and personal information to be recorded and stored securely in one easily accessible location.