We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started with My Safe Place.

Installing The Software

Once you purchase the software, it is automatically downloaded to your computer along with a user guide which provides full details on what to do next.

Yes – this is automatically downloaded to your computer once you purchase the software.

Using The Software

You can enter your personal details (passport, driving licence, NI and NHS numbers etc) and along with your financial details (bank accounts, credit / debit cards, loyalty cards, pension and insurance policies, loans, regular subscriptions and any assets you own, e.g. house, car, jewellery etc.


All data entered in My Safe Place is held locally on your computer and none of it is copied into the Cloud. Hence, only you can see the details. We recommend you protect your software by entering a strong password and that you take regular backup copies.
We will send you an AT HOME key in the post when you purchase the software. You can use this to store a backup copy of your data. Make sure you do this regularly. If you would like a separate TRAVEL key – which means you can run a copy of My Safe Place for when you are travelling – this can be purchased via the My Safe Place website.

Next of Kin

We have two levels of password – the first is for the main user and the second has limited access, only allowing them to print reports, including the Executor Report. This has been designed to provide all the details for your next of kin in the event you become incapacitated or pass away.

Making Your Life Easier

My Safe Place allows all of your financial and personal information to be recorded and stored securely in one easily accessible location.