My Safe Place

Lex Associates LLP was founded as a business in 2010 by Sue and Les Green and is authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. The firm has helped dozens of companies raise many tens of millions of pounds that has not only underpinned the growth of these businesses but also supported the creation of many hundreds of jobs.

At the start of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, Sue and Les were concerned at how difficult it might be to manage the financial and personal affairs of their family members if they were unfortunate enough to succumb to the disease. The same type of questions kept coming up:

  • Who would need to be contacted?
  • What assets do they own?
  • How many bank accounts do they have and with which organisations?
  • Which annual subscriptions need to be cancelled?
  • What insurance policies do they have and with which firms?

Critically Sue and Les were in full agreement that a new system was needed, one which was easy-to-use, comprehensive and totally safe and secure.

The result is My Safe Place.

Making Your Life Easier

My Safe Place allows all of your financial and personal information to be recorded and stored securely in one easily accessible location.